First Blog Post

This feels SO out of my comfort zone and a little like I’m out in a giant field by myself (hence the photo) but here goes! I am a big believer in Intentions.  My intention with this blog is to share a little more of the “me” behind the photos.

My photography in general is my way of loving on my family, clients and friends.  Last year I took a step back to give each client the time and attention they deserve and have time to grow my craft.

So here are my intentions specifically with my photography this year…

  • To continue to create an experience where the client feels truly held and seen in the most beautiful way.
  • To continue to grow and be a student of light.
  • To use my camera to find beauty in our everyday through completing the Life in 52 project.

The technical side of this blog is super intimidating to me but my hope is by doing I will learn.  I’m really embracing the imperfection here and jumping in!  Cheers to getting out of our comfort zones right out of the gate!

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