I have done some reflecting and one of the things I want to dive into is preserving family memories.  I think getting family photos done and milestone photos are important and I invest myself in those areas.  However, that only includes about 1% of the year.  So to start preserving memories get out YOUR camera and get IN photos with your kiddos!  Get out your iPhone.  Do whatever it is that works best for you to remember those moments.

We recently upgraded our cloud capacity and now all my old videos are on my phone.  My oldest pulled up the video of the moment she first belly laughed.  I was instantly brought back to that moment.  I remember being on that couch with her, drinking my coffee and being in awe of her tiny laugh.  Photos and videos have such power and meaning and I want to share those with my kids.

If you are anything like me, taking the photos is not the problem.  It’s organizing them in a way that makes sense and printing them that is the issue.  I’m going to start going through my own stuff and organizing it and will share the fails and successes with you all!

In the spirit of capturing those memories I have included some of my personal favorite images from our recent Tahoe trip.  These photos are not perfect and most of them would not end up in a client gallery but they mean something to me and my hope is one day they mean something to my kiddos too. <3

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