Traveling with Kiddos

With my family in Michigan and Brian’s family in Utah we do a fair amount of traveling. I often travel with the kids alone and feel I’ve grown accustomed to traveling with a baby.  I am a self diagnosed control freak and typically plan everything out and do a lot for my kiddos.  We’ve gotten through some tough trips (i.e. flights without diapers, flights with ear infections and flights with wet clothes) and it’s always been worth it in the end.  I guess this goes into the category of being a better baby mom than a kid mom and I’ll have to dive into that topic at a later date.  Basically I’m ready for a new travel routine!

We have some fun adventures on the books and in the works for this year and I’d love some advice.  What brand of suitcases are best for kiddos?  Do you have them check their suitcase and carry on a back pack?  Or carry on their suitcase? Do you pack for the kids?  They pack with you?  They pick some fun coloring books to bring?  We usually pack empty water bottles, are there any brands that DON’T explode mid-air like the camelbacks?

We have electronics for the kids so we are good there, just wondering routines that work well for others. 🙂

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